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We have been looking for employees and agents who are willing to engage in the quick freezing equipment industry around the world, join our multicultural team and move towards our vision.
If you are interested, we welcome you to submit your resume and personal letter, and you can send your public application to

Agent Commission

Commission rate and mode of payment: Party B to obtain and confirm the order by the Party A, the Party A in receipt of full payment after each transaction, the invoice will be 6 percent of the net price paid to Party B as commission. Party A confirm receipt of orders, after paying the deposit of the commission, the rest of the commission to be paid upon receipt of full payment. If returned, the commission shall be refund to Party A.

Exceeding commission: If Party B completes and exceeds the annual minimum sales of US $800000 within the validity period, Party A shall pay 2% bonus commission to the excess part. The bonus and commission will be paid at the end of each year.

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