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IQF Freezer Manufacturer

Main Products

Spiral Freezer
Tunnel Freezer
Plate Freezer
Refrigeration Unit
Pretreatment and cleaning equipment for frozen food
Cold Storage


Andy has been working in food processing equipment industry for more than 20 years.

Andy has been working in the food processing equipment industry for more than 20 years.

Under his leadership, the team continued to learn and improve.

We got these certificates in recently years.

They are industry leaders.

They chose to trust us and our team.

They commend us and our team after the deal was made.

How We Help

1. Contact Us

Tell us about your needs, products, and output​.

2. Free Programme

We will provide customized food-freezing solutions for you according to your requirements.

3. Order Production

Choose us and place an order, then we will produce.

4. Transportation Customs Clearance

We provide help to complete transportation and customs clearance.

5. On Site Installation, Commissioning And Training

We'll arrange for our technical experts to the site to install it, commission the production line, train usage, and maintenance methods.

6. After-sale Service

One year free warranty, lifelong free technical service.

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