Double Spiral Freezer --IQF

Double Spiral Freezer--IQF

Production Capacity:
200kg/h-6000kg/h, can according to customer’s actual requirements and space limitation of non-standard design and manufacture.

Technology Features:
1.Reliable transmission system.
2.High strength mesh belt, full stainless steel structure.
3.Efficient and sanitary evaporator.
4.Insulated enclosure with two sided stainless steel skin plate, optimum air flow pattern.
5.CIP automatic cleaning system.
6.ADF automatic air defrosting.

IQF Spiral Freezer


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Single Spiral Freezer --IQF

Single Spiral Freezer Main Parameters

Single Spiral Freezer--IQF

Production Capacity:
200kg/h-3500kg/h, can according to customer’s actual requirements and space limitation of non-standard design and manufacture.

Product Features:
1.Compact structure, cover a small area.
2.Big freeze capacity, give full play to the characteristics of the spiral drum structure.
3.Using precision machined part, to ensure that the overall performance of the equipment.
4.Mesh belt is made from high strength material, improve the service life and stability of the equipment.
5.Application of automatic CIP cleaning system, guarantee the health of the food processing.
6.ADF air defrosting system extend the continuous running time of the equipment, reduce the production cost.

Spiral Cooling Conveyor Tower--IQF

Spiral Cooling Conveyor Tower

Spiral Cooling Tower--IQF

Application Area:
Bread processing, hamburger processing, moon cake processing and other pasta production.

1.It can be produced continuously without affecting the production speed and food forming effect.
2.The operation is simple and convenient, and there is no need to add other links.
3.The cooling time is easy to control.
4.Large cooling output.

Self stacking Spiral Freezer--IQF

Self stacking Spiral Freezer

Self stacking Spiral Freezer--IQF

Working Principle
In the lower part of the self-stacking freezer, the conveyor belt is entered by the inlet port and is loaded into two special structures. 
The two tracks are driven by the drive motor, and the two chains do the circular spiral, and the supporting baffies on both sides of the conveyor belt are pout on the drive chain.
Driven by the internal and external chains, the conveyor belt completes the conveyor belt self-accumulating spiral linear motion. The lubricating system is controlled by PLC.

Structure Features:

  • Special structural form of self-stacking belt made of food grade stainless steel suS304 material.
  • The use of imported special equipment and special technology, belt with a high strength, long life, easy to clean and so on.
  • Meet the hygiene requirements of food processing.

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