Compressor Unit and Refrigeration System

Compressor Unit and Refrigeration System--bitzer

The compressor unit is the main equipment of the freezing processing and cold chain industry. It consists of the compressor, pressure vessel, refrigeration element, electrical control, and various valve parts.

The main components of compressor units cooperate with domestic and abroad well-known brands, according to user configuration to type compressor units and engineering demand, in the form are single and double screw parallel units, double screw parallel units, inverter screw units, piston compressor, and refrigerant special refrigeration unit.

Compressor Unit and Refrigeration System 01
Compressor Unit and Refrigeration System 02
MYCOM Compressor Unit and Refrigeration System
Compressor Unit and Refrigeration System 03
Compressor Unit and Refrigeration System 04
Compressor Unit and Refrigeration System -bitzer
Compressor Unit and Refrigeration System 05
Compressor Unit and Refrigeration System 06

Condensing Unit

Condensing Unit

Basic configuration
1. Compressor: It adopts international brands such as Bezier, leaking, and Foxconn, with quality assurance, safety, and reliability, and a special power supply can be customized.
2. High-efficiency oil: Separate the refrigeration oil of the system as much as possible and supply it to the compressor at the same time.
3. Reservoir: According to the conventional configuration, the volume can also be appropriately increased according to the actual situation.
4. Gas-liquid separator: Conventional units do not have a heat exchanger or low-temperature refrigeration system, and gas-liquid separator has a heat exchange function.
5. Filter: Equipped with a detachable filter barrel, it is convenient to replace the filter element.
6. Solenoid valve: Danfoss brand, which can be installed on the unit or the side of the cold storage.
7. Expansion valve: The electronic expansion valve is more energy-saving than the conventional mechanical expansion valve. Wider adjustment range and more accurate control.



Air-cooled condenser is a kind of radiating facility. Four models available: H,V,U and L.H.L type isside bolwing,V and U type are roof blowing.
Features as follows:
◆ With reasonable structure, good compatibility, suitable for various of compressors.
◆ The shell is made of quality steel plate, excellent corrosion resistance, good look.
◆ Have passed the 2.5MPa air-tight test, with reliable quality.
◆ Different refrigersnt gas like R22,R134a,R407c are workable.
◆ According to customers requirement,different condensing fans are available.

Evaporative condenser is a high-efficiency and energy-saving heat exchange equipment that uses the water film sprayed on the surface of the heat exchange coil to evaporate and absorb the heat of the fluid in the pipe, so that the fluid in the pipe can be condensed.
Features as follows:
◆ The condensation heat of refrigerant is directly discharged to outdoor air and water. The condensation temperature of the unit can be reduced by about 4 ℃ compared with the traditional water-cooling unit, and the energy efficiency ratio can be increased by 12%. The cooling water pump can be saved and the power consumption is low.
◆ The cooling water spray system adopts the basket nozzle with large flow and anti blocking to ensure the continuous and uniform distribution of water, the full heat exchange between water, air and refrigerant.
◆ High efficiency heat exchange is realized by using the technology of wind water mixed flow heat exchange coil in the same direction and PVC filler.

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