IQF Spiral Freezer Belt Cleaning-CIP


CIP is a cleaning method, also known as Clean In Place, that allows the equipment to be cleaned without dismantling and opening the equipment, and with little or no operator involvement.
Under certain flow/pressure conditions, the cleaning agent solution is sprayed onto the surface of the equipment or circulated in the equipment. The cleaning process usually consists of several independent washing steps.

Cleaning Agent Solution

CIP Alkaline Detergent

Powerful Alkaline DetergentStrong alkalinity, easy to pass water, meet the food safety, complete qualificationIt’s the most used product in the food industry, such as smoke surfaces, frying pans, cooking boxes, and other equipment.
Alkaline AdditivesStrong alkalinity, easy to pass water, meet the food safety, complete qualificationAdd the additive to the alkaline detergent can enhance the effect of the alkaline detergent, especially for oil, protein, and other heavy oil.

CIP Acid Detergent

Highly concentrated acid detergentPhosphorus-free formula, meet national food safety and environmental protection requirements, easy to pass waterIt is used in dairy products, drinks, quick-frozen, and mainly used to remove inorganic dirt.

CIP High Efficient disinfectant

High-efficiency peroxided disinfectantDisinfectant with peroxide acetic acid as the main active ingredient, without phosphorus formula, meets national food safety and environmental protection requirementsIt is mainly used for internal and external disinfection of equipment for the dairy, beverage, and frozen industries. It can also be used for space and hand disinfection. Water-free is available with 200ppm (with special and rapid killing effect on E.Coil, Staphylococcus aureus, mold, anaerobic bacteria, and Bacillus with strong resistance)

Advantages of CIP

  1. High safety standards and improved hygiene quality
  2. Reduce manual processes and reduce labor costs
  3. No need for employees to enter the interior of the equipment
  4. No need for employees to directly contact chemical solutions
  5. Eliminate human error
  6. Cost control is more reasonable
  7. Increased production efficiency
  8. The control of auxiliary resources such as water, energy, detergent, and disinfectant has been improved
Andy Wu

Andy Wu

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