Tunnel Freezer & Glazing Machine & Hardening Machine

Tunnel Freezer

Tunnel freezer–IQF is a simple structure, highly efficient freezing equipment. There are stainless steel belt tunnel freezer and mesh belt tunnel freezer.

Frozen shrimp with double spiral freezer
Frozen shrimp with double spiral freezer

Glazing Machine

After tunnel freezer, we can use glazing machine, let products enter 0 degrees ice water, because products less then-18 degrees now, the ice water will be attached to the surface of the products.

Hardening Machine

And we let products immediately enter hardening machine, it is a simple tunnel freezer in fact, use the hardening machine to freeze the attached ice water, let it become-18 degrees ice and connected with the products as a whole.
The return mesh belt of our hardening freezer is outside the library body, so that the ice on the mesh belt will melt by itself in the air and will not form ice particles. We have rich experience in this field

Andy Wu

Andy Wu

Hi Valued Customer, I am Andy Wu, the co-Founder a.k.a CTO of Novax Technology (International) & Yurnfreeze (Domestic China). I have been in the Cold Chain Tech Manufacturing for more than 15 years. The purpose of this article writting is to share the related industry knowledge & know-how from a Chinese manufacturer's perspective. I hope you enjoy it, please feel free to get in touch with us ! We look forward in hearing from you.

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