How does a spiral freezer work?

Basic principle of operation:

The frozen food enters the inlet and is transported from the mesh belt to the outlet. During this transmission process, the cold air generated by the evaporator is extracted by the fan and sent to each layer of the mesh belt of the spiral freezer to cool the frozen food. This process is a continuous circulation process.

Operation under normal conditions

  1. Close all windshield doors and warehouse doors (make sure there are no personnel in the warehouse before closing the door);
  2. Press the main power button of the equipment to power on the equipment;
  3. Rotate the mesh belt operation knob to the operation position (the frequency conversion indication should be at the low frequency) and observe whether the mesh belt operates stably. After the operation is normal, increase the speed until the required speed;
  4. Press the evaporator fan button to start the fan. The starting interval of the fan is 3-5 seconds;
  5. Open the refrigerant inlet valve of evaporator and start refrigeration;
  6. Check the space temperature of the rotating cage mesh belt. If it is cold to – 30 °, it can be fed;
  7. After feeding, check whether the frozen product meets the requirements at the outlet. If it does not meet the requirements, adjust the refrigerant flow again (increase or decrease) until the frozen product meets the requirements;
  8. At the end of production, close the refrigerant inlet valve 10-15 minutes before the end of feeding, but ensure that all frozen products meet the requirements;
  9. Stop the refrigeration compressor and evaporator fan 30 minutes after the refrigerant inlet valve is closed;
  10. When all the frozen products are out of the machine, close the main drive and auxiliary drive motors of the conveying system, stop the conveying, open all warehouse doors and windshield doors, and let the temperature in the quick freezer return to room temperature;
  11. Turn off the starting power supply of the equipment, and it is strictly forbidden to cut off the main power switch, because after the equipment is stopped, the temperature and humidity controller of the control box shall work to prevent condensation of electrical components;
  12. If the quick freezer is cleaned after production, do not turn off the transmission system. After the evaporator fan stops, open all warehouse doors and windshield doors. When the temperature in the warehouse returns to above – 15 ℃, defrost and clean according to the following defrosting and cleaning procedures.
Andy Wu

Andy Wu

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